Weaving through Time, Land & People

Team Members

Chu Hai College of Higher Education
Professor Brian McGrath

Professor Paul Chu

Wong Ka Ho
The Mills
Ray Zee

Gary Ng

Ellie Leung
Maureen Hung

Weaving through Time, Land & People

In Hong Kong, lies a town that breathes. With every breath the town of Tsuen Wan, brings about the encounters of creative ideas. Letting boundary-breaking ideas and fantasies linger.

In the special year of 2020, 3 kinds of perspectives, created 3 kinds of imaginations weaving through Time, Land & People of Tsuen Wan:

“An Architect” Mixed rebars with cement and created a landmark of art and culture

“A Textile Artist” Connected generations through knitting and weaving; Weaving stories of the Tsuen Wan people into fabrics; Sewing together the stories of Tsuen Wan people.

“A Historian” Compared and interlaced timelines to rediscovered stories of the Tsuen Wan landscape; Explored different dimensions of the Tsuen Wan landscape.

The vitality of Tsuen Wan nurtures worldly ideas that connect the land, people and environment. The creative minds of Tsuen Wan continue to explore and forge endless possibilities