Four Reel-alities

Team Members

Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
Kent Mundle

Eric Schuldenfrei

Yongki Sunatra
Joel and Q Li
Joel Austin

Kwan Q Li
Gary Wai-keung Yeung
Gary Wai-keung Yeung

Hoi-wood Chang
Nikolas Ettel

Four Reel-alities

A proposal addressing four mediums of reality in 2020: audio, visual, virtual and digital. This multimedia installation puts forward a tetrad of moving image media; a philosophy of co-existence that today sways humans between an undetermined assemblage of facts and fictions, voices and noises, faiths and ideologies. In a collaborative presentation, four works address how the hinterlands of Hong Kong accommodate a spectrum of human agendas and post-human emergence. Our proposal navigates and negotiates with nuance, exploring how within a single space an ensemble of representational forms, from aural to visual, tangible to virtual, might be an answer to the curatorial question: how will we live together in diverse and emerging contexts?